Houston activists gathered to protest Greg Abbott’s position against the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Texas.

Along with protesting, activists took to social media to spread the hashtag #letthemin and flooded governor Abbott with emails and phone calls to express their concern about his stance.

Over 30 State Governors across the nation have rescinded support of American resettlement of Syrian refugees following the Paris Attacks.

In an official statement, Abbott said, “As governor of Texas, I write to inform you that the State of Texas will not accept any refugees from Syria in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Paris.”


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As American Muslims we are this uncategorized community constantly battling with our identity and a sense of belonging. Most of us are first generation American Muslims whose parents came to the United States to escape countries rife with violence, economic instability and political turmoil in search for opportunity.


We never received a “how to” guide on over coming the challenges we faced since grade school. We learned everything as we went and hoped to God that we still “fit in”. Our communities often times failed us in filing the void of displacement and suffocation that comes with the struggle of trying to find out where we belong. Claiming to be part of one the largest religions and fastest growing to this day is the easy part. Community building and outreach amongst those with ideologies parallel to our own is severely lacking.


MuslimVox is here to fill that void and build an everlasting bridge between Muslims across America. In order to be the powerhouse we crave, we have to begin by addressing the issues we shy away from but matter most. We cannot change the world, but we can start by changing ourselves. It’s time we stop hiding behind the walls of perfection we’ve built around us and inaugurate conversation about our imperfections because in the end a strong bond is built on relativity. If we can’t relate to each other we are going to find difficulty in building strong empires that mold our image as resilient Americans.