Executive Order 9066 and Why Muslim-Americans Should Vote

From the comfort of our school desks, we learned about the intensity and crucial historical moments of World War II. However, what was often glossed over in our US History classes was the internment of Japanese- Americans beginning February 19, 1942.

Today marks the 74th anniversary since President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which authorized the removal and confinement of all Japanese-Americans forcing some 110,000 families into relocation camps. These “relocation campus” might very well be paralleled to concentration camps, tarnishing the image of the free world and leaving a stain of intolerance and racism. Even those who weren’t necessarily Japanese but of Asian descent faced the same kind of scrutiny based on their appearance.   

It would bring great comfort in knowing such an appalling and trying time in history would never be repeated, but Muslim-Americans face a similar threat if presidential candidate Donald Trump continues with his rhetoric unabated. However, we have the ability to change the political climate by voting and establishing a political presence.

Your vote is your voice. Simple. We are a democracy and we have strength in numbers. This stems from our right to vote and elect a president who will unify the nation and evade any pressure founded on fear to divide the country based on race and religious differences. Confronting the past will honor the present. Let’s make sure this never happens again.

By choosing not to vote you are pledging consent to the current climate against Muslims and other minority groups that Republican candidates have set out to create. Being part of the conversation will help prevent future politicians from targeting any minority that lives in this country because we will no longer be silenced and we will be voting.

March 1 is the Texas primary election day. Follow this link to learn about early voting for the primaries in Texas and be sure to check out a sample ballot if it’s your first time voting!

If you’re in Harris County click here

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