GOP Candidates Welcomed by Protesters

On February 25, while GOP candidates prepare for their final debate, protesters from numerous minority activist groups in Houston and surrounding cities united to take a stand against bigotry and racism.

Latino migrants, Muslims, low-wage workers, the LGBT community, and more used this opportunity as their platform to rally local Houstonians and call on Trump and other Republican candidates to stop the division that they are trying to create amongst the community.

Houston, being one of the most diverse cities in the country, proved that hate speech is not welcome. Together, the protesters stood strong calling to action the need to elect a candidate who will be the voice for all and to promote tolerance amongst all minorities.

They marched forward, getting as close as they could to the theatre where the debate was held, chanting, “the people united will never be divided!” With the eyes of the nation upon them, they stood in cohesion yelling loud, “We ain’t goin’ nowhere!”

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