Hey Laurence Rossignol, I Am No Slave

If you’re going to tell a woman how to dress you clearly do not have a grasp on women’s rights. Comparing women in hijab to slaves is an insult to all those who are and were victims of slavery.

This sweeping fallacy that Muslim women are forced to wear hijab is an obvious generalization. It is dangerous to assume such things especially when there are women who chose to wear the hijab on their own. Some Muslim women use it as their tool of empowerment and as an opportunity to challenge the narrative.

There are women who are tragically forced into wearing the hijab, whether it is due to the pressure of their cultural environment, or that of a family member; this can be a form of slavery. Not only is that stripping the woman of her free will, but it’s also creating a toxic and damaging lifestyle. This is not religiously accepted.

There have been a number of publications by Muslim women sharing their trials and tribulations while wearing hijab, each person has a different experience to share. All worth reading because when you lack knowledge on a certain topic the logical step to take is to research about it. Generalizations and statements such as the ones Laurence Rossignol has made can easily be dismantled, because I am a Hijabi and I am no slave.

I always strongly encourage all those with questions to come forward; we won’t get offended. The best way to challenge propaganda is to seek out knowledge directly from the source. We don’t need to look at history to know that politicians often use certain rhetoric to establish their personal agenda. What’s even more disturbing is this is a woman trying to enforce her ideologies onto other women. The true understanding of women’s rights is to first pledge that women have a right to independently choose. We ALL have a voice.

In truth, this is a decision that is made between a Muslim woman and her creator. No one else has the right to influence this decision.

Laurence Rossignol, I can guarantee I am slave to no human; I am only a slave to Him who created me.  

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