Hilal Alquds


  • Khalid Dakak
  • Mohammad Ali Ata Obeid
  • Danial Soudah
  • Issa Hilweh
  • Hani Abdallah
  • Oday Dabbagh
  • Mousa Farawi
  • Ahmed Kashour
  • Charlie Abdallah
  • Muhye Aldeen Abuseneineh
  • Eizeldeen Abuseneineh
  • Fuad Abuseneineh
  • Farouk Taha
  • Mohammad Alhajeh

Remember these names. Learn them. Know them well. These are “our boys”. Reaching for a once in a lifetime opportunity to compete in the Disney Cup International representing Palestine.

Narmeen Dakak and her family are working tirelessly to ensure these boys make it here and acquire the necessary funds to compete in this tournament. Here’s what she had to say:

“On my family’s trip to Florida last summer, my dad noticed that the Disney Cup International was a international soccer competition that occurs during the summer. It was obvious how amazing of an opportunity this would be for our Palestinian youth team, Hilal Alquds. A group of people worked tirelessly for months to make sure that the group of young boys would have an opportunity to play in the Disney Cup International. After endless hours of planning and work, finally they are confirmed to be able to make the trip. This trip will be an opportunity of a lifetime for our boys. Not only will there be college scouts present at the games, but this will be the first time these boys visit America, let alone Disney, and the first time that a Palestinian youth soccer team participates in an international soccer event.

We are so close to reaching our goal, and words cannot describe how much this not only means to me, but to the boys as well.”

If you would like to play a role in brining these boys and helping them compete, click here.

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